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The quiz will be held by the Chess Federation of Russia on February 12–21, 2023: answers to the questions will be accepted on February 12–20, February 21 is a debriefing day.

The quiz questions will be made available from the website of AEROFLOT OPEN 2024 at Answers to the questions will be published once the quiz is over and the winner is determined. Participation in the quiz is open to anyone interested Please complete our registration form on the website to participate in the quiz.

From among quiz participants who gave the highest number of correct answers (finalists), the winner will be chosen by lot (using a random number generator) and invited to AEROFLOT OPEN 2024 in Moscow as the CFR guest. The remaining finalists will be awarded prizes from the Chess Federation of Russia and PJSC Aeroflot. In case of a large number of finalists (25+), the CFR reserves the right to draw prizes by lot.